Children in Need 2017

Children in Need Window to the Womb

Today takes place Children in Need, one of Britain’s most staple and historical charity events. It begun many years ago on Christmas Day in 1927 and it raised just over £1143 (about £27,150 in today’s money) which was split between four prominent children’s charities. Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity, working to make a real difference in … Read More

What Can Baby Hear? Tunes for the Womb

what baby can hear

When you’re pregnant you want to do all you can for your little one, whether that’s a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise or taking supplements…but can music help baby’s development? At around your 18-week mark baby will hear their first sounds. 24-weeks they will be more sensitive to them and finally around 24-26 weeks baby will clearly respond to sound. … Read More

We Welcome Emma Mcvey & Gary Beadle to Our Leeds Clinic

Model Emma Mcvey Geordie Shore Gaz Beadle 4D Scan Window to the Womb

Window to the Womb Leeds opened their doors last night to model Emma Mcvey @Emma_mcvey_ and Geordie Shore Veteran Gaz Beadle @GazGShore, and we can truly say that it was a magical experience. Emma and Gaz opened up about their pregnancy earlier this year and announced on social media that they were expecting a bouncing baby boy…and we just had … Read More

Window to the Womb Work With the DVLA ‘Bump Buddies’!

DVLA Pregnancy Swansea

‘We did a free raffle for the ladies which consisted of bath products, bibs, dummies etc. and another of blankets, towels and nappies etc. It was such an amazing day and feedback was fantastic. It was really nice to have Juliet with us and for her to talk about what her company offers, as a lot of people don’t know … Read More

Dave Taylor From Heart Radio Visits Window to the Womb

Heart Radio Window to the Womb

Our Norwich Clinic was one of our first to open in 2014 and Dave and his team have introduced almost 5000 expectant parents to their babies since. Last week was no exception, and our Norwich clinic had the amazing pleasure of welcoming Dave Taylor from Heart Radio with his partner in for a scan! Not only did they give us … Read More

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) in Pregnancy

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

What is SPD? SPD is a problem with your pelvis. The ‘symphysis’ is where your pelvic bones, held together by ligaments, join at the front of your pelvis. There are other ‘fixed’ joints at each side of the bottom of the spine (sacroiliac), forming he heart-shaped pelvic bones.You’ll also hear some medical professionals refer to it as ‘pregnancy-related pelvic girdle … Read More

Charlie O’Brien Finds Out Team Pink

Charlie O'Brien Window to the Womb

Charlie X” Read Full Story Here Charlie is a presenter, journalist and Heart Radio Breakfast Show host. Jason is a radio DJ (Radio 1, Virgin Radio, Radio Aire) and currently presents Saturday breakfast on Heart FM. They’ve interviewed celebs such as Olly Murs, JLS, The Wanted, Alexandra Burke, Ant n Dec, Sir Bob Geldof, Robin Gibb and many, many more! … Read More

How to Manage a Toddler and a Baby

Toddler & Baby

When is the right time to tell your toddler about the new addition? Have a list of friends and family ready. Those who are willing to help look after toddler when you go into labour. Keep this list of contact details with you at all times so you can alert them as soon as you need them. Also brief them … Read More