Growth & Presentation Scan Gift Card



  • A Well-being Check + Report

    Our Specialist Sonographer will check how your pregnancy is progressing. They’ll observe their position, heart, lungs, abdominal contents, spine, brain and placenta.

  • Head, Abdominal Circumference & Femur Length Measurement

    Our Sonographer will measure baby’s head, abdominal size and length of the femur to check they’re in the right percentile for their gestation.

  • Estimated Weight

    We will check your baby’s estimated fetal weight. This is given in grams. You’ll be provided with images of measurements taken.

  • Baby & Placenta Position

    Our Sonographer will check the position of baby and placenta at the time of your scan. This will be detailed on your well-being report.

  • All Digital Images + 2 Photo Prints

    After your scan, you can choose 2 medium photo prints of your choice to take away. Our scan assistant will sit you and your family down in our print area to choose. You’ll also be provided with a code. Input this into our free Bumpies smartphone app and you’ll have instant access to all your scan images.

The aim of this growth scan is to provide diagnostic results captured in a fetal well-being report. If your sonographer identifies anything out of the normal this will be explained to you along with guidance and support in obtaining ongoing care through an NHS pathway. Please note, there must be a 2 week interval between your NHS growth scan and our Growth & Presentation Scan package. We are not able to provide a second opinion on your NHS hospital scan.

Terms & Conditions

1. This gift card is valid as payment towards any Window to the Womb scan package or Window to the Womb product at any participating Window to the Womb clinic.
2. A booking is required to redeem this gift card.
3. This gift card must be presented on the appointment day and will be considered as payment to the value stated overleaf.
4. Gift cards are non-refundable and have no cash value.
5. Gift cards have a unique reference number and can only be used once. Please keep this gift card safe.
6. The person redeeming this gift card must bring along her hospital notes, we cannot complete a scan without them.
7. Please refer to the individual scan package page and FAQ sections of our website prior to attending your appointment.
8. Please note that if you are lucky enough to be having a multiple pregnancy there is a £25 charge due to the extra time needed in the scan room. A separate gift card can be purchased to cover this charge on our website.