Well-being Scan

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(Available from 16-40 weeks)

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Well-being Scan - £55


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  • Confirmation of Single/Multiple Pregnancies

    We will confirm whether there is one of more babies.

  • Heartbeat Visualisation

    The Sonographer will look at the four chambers of the heart as well as listen to the heartbeat.

  • Baby & Placenta Position

    The Sonographer will look at the position of baby as well as the placenta.

  • Abdominal Contents & Brain

    Our Sonographer will observe baby's brain and abdominal contents.

  • Detection of Some Abnormalities

  • Diagnostic Well-being Report

    You will receive a detailed Well-being Report in digital format which you will be able to access completely confidentially via our Bumpies App.

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Important Information

Our Well-being Scan doesn’t include a rescan because the aim of this scan is to provide diagnostic results captured in a fetal well-being report. If your sonographer identifies anything out of the normal this will be explained to you along with guidance and support in obtaining ongoing care through an NHS pathway.