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Early Pregnancy Scans 

Specialist Early Scans from 6 Weeks
Private Early Scan, firstScan at Window to the Womb

Our firstScan clinics offer reassurance in the early stages of pregnancy, with scans to suit all need - packages are just £79.

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Well-being Scan

Check Baby's Well-being from 16 Weeks
Private Well-being Scan Window to the Womb

Our well-being scan detects some fetal abnormalities, checks heartbeat, baby/placenta position and more - only £55.

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Well-being + Gender Scan

99.9% Accurate Gender from 16 Weeks
Private Early Gender Scan Window to the Womb

Check the well-being of your baby, including baby/placenta position and receive 99.9% accurate early gender confirmation - only £59.

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Fetal Health Scan

Check Well-being, Weights & Measurements From 16 Weeks+
Baby Scan Gift Vouchers

Our fetal health scan includes fetal diagnostic report with estimated fetal weights and measurements. Gender confirmation can also be included if required.

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Growth Scans

Check Well-being, Weight & Measurements from 26 Weeks
Private Growth Scan Window to the Womb

Our growth and presentation scan includes well-being checks, measurements, baby weight & more - package for only £69

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Well-being + 4D Scans

Check Well-being & See Your New Addition in 4D from 24 Weeks
Private 4D Scan Window to the Womb

Check well-being of baby, then see them in beautiful 4D. Click to see our range of 4D packages from only £99.

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