Gender Reveal Scan + Fetal Well-being

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(Available from 15-23 weeks)

Gender Reveal Scan - £90


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Chat with us

  • A Well-being Check + Report

    Our Specialist Sonographers start every scan with a limited fetal well-being check. They will confirm single or multiple pregnancy and check the baby/babies are growing as expected (subjectively). They will show baby’s position & placenta, confirm & visualise the heart, observe the abdominal contents & brain, as well as detect a limited number of conditions. You will receive a detailed Well-being Report in digital format which you will be able to access completely confidentially via Avocado Pregnancy App.

  • 99.9% Accurate Early Gender

    During the scan our Sonographer will take a peek between the legs to confirm baby boy or girl.

  • Includes Gender Reveal Item

    The scan package includes a gender reveal item to take home for your gender reveal.

  • 4D Peek and £10 off your next 4D scan

    To round off your scan, we’ll give you a glimpse of your baby in a 4D view and a £10 off voucher for your 4D scan.

  • 2 x Photo-Quality Prints

    After your scan, you can choose 2 photo prints of your choice to take away. Our scan assistant will sit you and your family down in our print area to choose.

  • All Digital Images

    You’ll be provided with a code, Input this into our free Avocado smartphone app and you’ll have instant access to all your scan memories.

Important Information

Please note the primary aim of this scan is to complete a limited diagnostic check of baby. We then complete gender confirmation with 99.9% accuracy. If you just want a Fetal Well-being scan, this is available separately here. *If we are unable to confirm gender you will be offered a FREE rescan. No rescan can be offered if we cannot obtain 4D images as this is a free ‘sneak peek’.