Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) in Pregnancy | Window to the Womb

What is SPD? SPD is a problem with your pelvis. The ‘symphysis’ is where your pelvic bones, held together by ligaments, join at the front of your pelvis. There are other ‘fixed’ joints at each side of the bottom of the spine (sacroiliac), forming he heart-shaped pelvic bones.You’ll also hear some medical professionals refer to it as ‘pregnancy-related pelvic girdle … Read More

What is the Bishop Score? | Window to the Womb

The Bishop Score is used to assess the ripeness of your cervix. Your midwife will need to find this out before inducting labour because it helps to tell whether your body is ready to go into labour. Your Bishop score is based on the findings of a vaginal examination by your midwife. With a gloved finger, she will assess the … Read More

The Stages of Childbirth Explained | Window to the Womb

No two women’s labour experiences are the same. Nobody can guess what your labour will be like, or how long it will last. However, you can do some things to prepare yourself. Labour progresses in three stages: Stage 1: When contractions gradually open up the cervix, which is the neck of your womb (uterus). It consists of early labour, active … Read More

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy | Window to the Womb

Stretch marks are caused by your ski stretching as you put on weight during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones also soften the fibres in your skin, making stretch marks more likely. Most pregnant women get stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear as pink, red or purple-tinged lines on your tummy, bottom, thighs and breasts. You may think you’ve escaped developing any stretch … Read More

Why Has My Hair Changed During Pregnancy? | Window to the Womb

Every single one of us will experience hair changes, regardless whether we’re pregnant or not pregnant. We all have experienced hair falling out and hair texture changing due to treatments we put our hair through. As humans, we all put our hair through a hard time but we do it all in the name of vanity. However, if you are … Read More