Finding Out We Were Having Triplets

When I found out I was pregnant I had a long 7 weeks wait until my first scan at 12 weeks pregnant. I spent the 7 weeks throwing up multiple times a day, nursing a headache and napping on the sofa between clients. All with absolutely no idea that inside me I was growing 3 little babies.My first scan was … Read More

The Miracle Twins

This is our story about our miracle girls… 2020 was the worst year of many people’s lives however for us it was a year we will never forget but for all the right reasons… So Chris and I have been trying to extend our family for a couple of years and unfortunately kept on getting disappointment, hurt and sadness. I … Read More

Mel & Ross- Our IVF Journey

IVF 4D scan

Our IVF Journey Mine and my husbands IVF journey first started in August 2019 after trying for 4 years. Unfortunately this transfer had failed for us resulting in no pregnancy. It was a devastating time but we were lucky enough enough have 3 frozen embryos left. February 2020 we were scheduled to start medication again ready for a Frozen embryo … Read More

Aleysha & Dan- Finding Out Our Twin News


Last Tuesday marked a year ago since our first scan, the first time we ever saw our babies! We waited anxiously, my sickness heightened, we had hoped and prayed to see a healthy heartbeat. I was drawn to a collage on the wall of then and now pictures. It was filled with scan photos and pictures a year on of … Read More

Georgie, Warren & Freya- Our Journey from NICU to Now

premature baby

Part 1 Up until 29 weeks my pregnancy had been textbook; however, at 29 weeks pregnant my feet started to swell but with the hot weather we were having I just pushed it aside. Over the next few days it got worse and I wasn’t passing urine so much. My bump had got bigger and I was getting tired easily. … Read More