Sarah & Laura’s IVF Pregnancy Journey

We love sharing your stories. Behind every scan is a family experiencing a unique journey to parenthood. Sarah and Laura recently visited Window to the Womb Bournville for their Gender + Well-being scan. They shared with us their journey to becoming parents as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Heather & Cameron- Our IVF Miracle Baby

IVF journey

When I first met my husband and we became serious he told me about his Cystic Fibrosis and that we would have to have IVF if we ever wanted to have children.  At the time I brushed this off and just thought that when it came to it things would be easy because the fertility issue was with him and … Read More

Finding Out We Were Having Triplets

When I found out I was pregnant I had a long 7 weeks wait until my first scan at 12 weeks pregnant. I spent the 7 weeks throwing up multiple times a day, nursing a headache and napping on the sofa between clients. All with absolutely no idea that inside me I was growing 3 little babies.My first scan was … Read More

The Miracle Twins

This is our story about our miracle girls… 2020 was the worst year of many people‚Äôs lives however for us it was a year we will never forget but for all the right reasons… So Chris and I have been trying to extend our family for a couple of years and unfortunately kept on getting disappointment, hurt and sadness. I … Read More

Mel & Ross- Our IVF Journey

IVF 4D scan

Our IVF Journey Mine and my husbands IVF journey first started in August 2019 after trying for 4 years. Unfortunately this transfer had failed for us resulting in no pregnancy. It was a devastating time but we were lucky enough enough have 3 frozen embryos left. February 2020 we were scheduled to start medication again ready for a Frozen embryo … Read More