Miscarriage Association

The Miscarriage Association is a registered national charity that offers support and information to people affected by miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy.

Looking after your body post pregnancy

Post pregnancy body

Now you have baby to care for, it is easy to forget about yourself. However, looking after yourself after pregnancy is just as important, as your baby needs you to be as healthy as you can be!

Keeping Cool in Pregnancy

keeping cool during pregnancy

Our Tips to Beat the Heat During Pregnancy With the warmer weather full steam ahead, it’s important to keep safe in the heat; especially with a little one on the way. Here are some of our key tips for keeping cool during pregnancy. Cover up Cover up but wear looser clothing. We recommend lightweight fabrics such as linen or cotton … Read More

Our 3D 4D Scans Explained

our 3D/4D scans explained

4D Scans – What to Expect at Your Appointment Are you visiting our clinic for a 3D/4D scan? Here we answer common questions that we’re asked, so you can be well informed about what to expect at your 4D scan appointment What’s the difference between 3D, 4D & HDlive? A 3D scan is a still image of baby, a 4D … Read More