Your Guide to NHS Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans

your guide to nhs scans

You will be offered NHS pregnancy ultrasound scans during early pregnancy between 8 to 14 weeks. However, you’ll only be offered additional scans if you’re experiencing problems, such as pain or vaginal bleeding. The second scan will also check baby’s development and is performed between 18 and 21 weeks. The scan may also show if you are expecting a baby girl … Read More

Amazing Story of Baby Jack; Born With One Hand | Window to the Womb

Amazing Story of Baby Jack; Born With One HandSay Hello to Baby Jack…The Gorgeous Baba We Scanned At Our Belfast Clinic! We recently welcomed Mummy Marian and family into our Belfast clinic. This was so they could see Baby Jack in a 4D scan. However his circumstances were just a little bit different… Parents Marian and Norman attended their 20-week … Read More

Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

mother and baby

You are very likely to make a full recovery from pre-eclampsia. But you will need to rest and recover in hospital for a few days after your baby’s birth, so your blood pressure can be monitored. Your blood pressure should return to normal within weeks of giving birth. Routine checks after your baby’s birth may show that you had high … Read More