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Amazing Story of Baby Jack; Born With One Hand

Say Hello to Baby Jack...The Gorgeous Baba We Scanned At Our Belfast Clinic!

We recently welcomed Mummy Marian and family into our Belfast clinic. This was so they could see Baby Jack in a 4D scan. However his circumstances were just a little bit different...

Parents Marian and Norman attended their 20-week scan at the hospital to unsuspectingly find concerns with baby Jacks' heart. After returning for another scan at 23 weeks, they couldn't get the view of Jacks' heart they needed...but discovered an absent left hand. Marian had planned to visit us at Window to the Womb for a scan at 28 weeks, but after discovering the possible heart issues, decided they needed reassurance as soon as possible. They joined us 3 days later, mainly to see if baby was okay through our technology. 

Baby Jack Window to the Womb Belfast

Baby Jacks' 4D Scan at 23 Weeks

The Belfast team introduced baby Jack to Mum and Dad and showed them as much as possible within their 4D scan including Jacks' absent hand.

Baby Jack Window to the Womb Belfast

How gorgeous?

Baby Jack Window to the Womb Belfast

"We really are thankful of your team in Belfast as what was the most concerning days; the scan with WTTW gave me a little hope. When I was told about the absent left hand at 23 weeks I went onto shock as I thought the man had got it wrong. But 2 days later and 2 days of thinking, then seeing the baby 4D put my mind at ease." - Marian B.

Baby Jack Window to the Womb

Marian got in touch recently and gave us the wonderful news...the heart consultant had given Jack the all clear at 28 weeks! He was born happy and healthy on the 17th January, weighing 7lbs 4 oz. Although his left hand is absent, he is missing less than expected with more of a wrist; this means he will have more support.

"Thank you for your support on what was the most worrying time of my life." - Marian B.

After learning more at the children's hospital, his missing hand is the best out of a challenging situation, and they're "just thankful he is perfect". Mummy has told us that Jack is thriving and will be 6 weeks old soon. We are all so thankful Jack and family are well. His 8 year old brother Ollie is especially over the moon and he's looking forward to playing football with him!

Thank you for choosing us Marian and family; it was a pleasure to support you in what was such a tough time in your lives. We wish you all the best!

If you have an amazing story like Jacks', please get in touch and we would love to help you tell it.

Love from all the team at Window to the Womb. xoxox


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