Bonding with Your Baby | Window to the Womb

When it comes to bonding with someone else, whether its a baby or not, it doesn’t always happen instantly; it takes time and as you get to know each other and spend more time together, you soon start growing closer and you will start to feel a bond. So, if you are a new mum and you have just given … Read More

Why Imagination is Important for Your Child | Window to the Womb

Our world has changed hugely over the last 5 years, let alone 20. We’ve got enormous 3D home televisions, virtual reality gaming, apps that control our gas and electric, and of course 2017’s greatest invention…the ‘Fidget Spinner’. But with all these phenomenal inventions (excluding Fidget Spinners), where does this leave us when teaching our children how to use their imagination? … Read More

14 Facts About Newborns | Window to the Womb

Babies are born with 300 bones and don’t have kneecaps. Adults only have 206 bones. A baby’s brain will be 60% of its adult size by the time they reach their first birthday. Natal teeth (teeth present at time of birth) appear in one out of two thousand births. The inner ear is the only organ to develop fully before … Read More

Breastfeeding or Formula?

No matter what decision you make, ‘Mummy guilt’ is sure to take over when someone shares their opinion on the matter. It’s important to think about yourself and your baby, and don’t be swayed by what you overhear. We hope this article will help you out, by looking at the facts of both options. The convenience! Anyone at anytime can … Read More