Preparing For Pregnancy – Early Stages | Window to the Womb

So, you’ve calmed down now after you’ve raided the pregnancy section at Waterstone’s, googled literally everything pregnancy related and come to terms with the little human growing inside you…so what’s next? The most important, vital thing you need to do is start thinking about you and your baby’s health. Normally, you will see your GP or healthcare professional around once … Read More

The Stages of Childbirth Explained | Window to the Womb

No two women’s labour experiences are the same. Nobody can guess what your labour will be like, or how long it will last. However, you can do some things to prepare yourself. Labour progresses in three stages: Stage 1: When contractions gradually open up the cervix, which is the neck of your womb (uterus). It consists of early labour, active … Read More

Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

The cause for pre-eclampsia is thought to be when the placenta isn’t working properly. If you don’t receive the treatment that you need, it can make you and your baby quite ill. Pre-eclampsia reduces the flow of the blood through the placenta, resulting in your baby not getting enough oxygen and nutrients, which can restrict their growth. Pre-eclampsia usually happens … Read More

Smoking During Pregnancy: The Facts

Smoking During Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant as a smoker comes with the pressure to quit… Read more here to learn the facts about smoking during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding or Formula?

Breast Feeding or Formula

You may of heard (a lot!) that ‘breast is best’, but ALL Mums deserve the right to choose what is the most appropriate option for them. Read more here.