Diabetes During Pregnancy

Diabetes In Pregnancy Window to the Womb

There is an estimated 4 million people in the UK who have diabetes and if you’re one of them, you may be worried about pregnancy. This article will help you understand risks and take actions to help you have the most magical journey you can! Diabetes is a condition where the amount of sugar (glucose) in your blood is too … Read More

Pregnancy Complications

Window to the Womb Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy is beautiful, after all, you are bringing a new life into the world and this is amazing. However, within pregnancy, there are challenges and complications all Mums-to-be should be aware of. Many challenges during pregnancy can come in the form of common symptoms, whilst others are much more individual and can become serious. UTI’s are more common in women … Read More

Dave Taylor From Heart Radio Visits Window to the Womb

Heart Radio Window to the Womb

Our Norwich Clinic was one of our first to open in 2014 and Dave and his team have introduced almost 5000 expectant parents to their babies since. Last week was no exception, and our Norwich clinic had the amazing pleasure of welcoming Dave Taylor from Heart Radio with his partner in for a scan! Not only did they give us … Read More

Preparing For Pregnancy – Early Stages

Preparing For Pregnancy Window to the Womb

So, you’ve calmed down now after you’ve raided the pregnancy section at Waterstone’s, googled literally everything pregnancy related and come to terms with the little human growing inside you…so what’s next? The most important, vital thing you need to do is start thinking about you and your baby’s health. Normally, you will see your GP or healthcare professional around once … Read More

Sleep Deprivation During Pregnancy; Tips to Conquer it

Sleep Deprivation In Pregnancy Window to the Womb

Doing these simple things can really help ease the problems that steal your sleep. You should always remember to mention any sleep issues you have to your midwife and GP as they may be able to suggest more medicinal solutions or safe medications. Avoid caffeine in anything. If it’s in things like chocolate, don’t eat after midday. Like caffeine, try … Read More

10 Ways to Ease Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness Window to the Womb

When you ask someone who is pregnant, what is the worst part about pregnancy the answer is usually ‘the morning sickness’. Some women are blessed and don’t suffer from morning sickness or if they do it’s only for a short period of time. But some aren’t as lucky and suffer from morning sickness for a while and this may be … Read More

Is There Such a Thing as a Pregnancy Glow?

Window to the Womb Pregnancy Glow

If you have been pregnant before you will probably know what the pregnancy glow is. You may have received compliments on how you are glowing, or your face is looking smoother and many other compliments on your skin, which you may not have received before pregnancy. If you are expecting your first child, you will have probably heard the term … Read More

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) in Pregnancy

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)

What is SPD? SPD is a problem with your pelvis. The ‘symphysis’ is where your pelvic bones, held together by ligaments, join at the front of your pelvis. There are other ‘fixed’ joints at each side of the bottom of the spine (sacroiliac), forming he heart-shaped pelvic bones.You’ll also hear some medical professionals refer to it as ‘pregnancy-related pelvic girdle … Read More

9 Pieces of Advice About Early Pregnancy

Window to the Womb 10 Pieces of Advice About Early Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It’s such an exciting time…but we know that many Mummies feel the worry during early pregnancy. What are the symptoms? Why do I want to eat chocolate spaghetti? Do not worry…we take you through 9 pieces of advice to help you… The most heard about symptom of early pregnancy is nausea and morning sickness. However, despite … Read More

What is The ‘Nub Theory?’ – The Gender Prediction Method

the nub theory gender scan window to the womb

You may of seen or heard rumours of the ‘Nub Theory’ – so we thought we would explain exactly what this gender predicting practice is. The ‘Nub Theory’ suggests it’s possible to tell the gender of your child in an ultrasound scan from as early as 12 weeks. It is supposedly the earliest point of prediction using modern technology; however … Read More