firstPeek Early Gender Test

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(Available from 7 weeks)

Blood Test Only £119 | Early Pregnancy Scan Upgrade £199
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  • Early Gender Blood Test

    We will conduct an early gender test by taking a blood sample from the expectant mother. Results will be returned within 7 days.

  • 99.% Gender Accuracy

    Our firstPeek gender test is 99% accurate from just 7 weeks.

  • Early Pregnancy Ultrasound (Optional)

    An early pregnancy ultrasound can be offered as an addition to your gender test for dating & reassurance. Please note in order to have the firstPeek gender test we do need confirmation of dates via ultrasound.

  • Early Pregnancy Obstetric Report

    Should you opt to have an early pregnancy ultrasound with us, you will also be provided with a copy of an early pregnancy obstetric report detailing your scan findings.

Important Information

It is important for us to ensure you are atleast 7 weeks in order to have the blood test with us. If you have confirmation of dates from another healthcare provider we would need to see a copy of the obstetric report before conducting the blood test. If you are having a known twin pregnancy please call us to book your appointment.