Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

So you’ve decided not to keep it a secret any longer…and announcing your pregnancy to your family, friends or even your other half has never been so fun. In the past, the most common way to announce a pregnancy was over Facebook or simply showing your loved ones the scan images. But things are different now, whilst some people still do opt for the Facebook post to keep it a simple and easy way of announcing. But people are becoming very creative and using some fun and unique ideas to announce the pregnancy news. Doing something fun and creative way is just a fun way to get everyone involved and doing it in a way which will have everyone guessing.

Here are some of our favourites:

Baby sized food 
Call your family and friends to a meal, print out menus with the food that will be served. Instead of serving full size portion of the food, only serve baby size portions and make sure to mention that only baby food will be served on the menu. This should hopefully get everyone thinking why baby sized.

Replace your centre pieces with baby items around your house 
If you are wanting to reveal your pregnancy to your family or even your other half, a great way is to decorate the house with baby decorations. Leave items around the house as centre pieces so when your guests or your other half, walk around the house and when they see all the baby items everyone will be rather confused.

A bun in the oven 
Place a bun in the oven and ask whoever you are wanting to reveal the pregnancy to, to open the oven and ask them to say what is inside the oven. They may not get it straight away but ask them to repeat ‘bun in the oven’ eventually when they turn to you looking all confused asking bun in the oven, that will be the perfect opportunity to reveal that what they’re saying is exactly what’s cooking.

Use your scan picture 
Is it a family member or friend’s birthday coming up, make them a personalised birthday card with the image of your scan and congratulate them on their birthday as well as congratulating them on becoming a family member to your baby.

Reveal your pregnancy through a game 
Plan a game night and invite over the people you are wanting to reveal your pregnancy to, games such as scrabble, Pictionary or charades are great way to reveal your pregnancy without you having to say it.

Wear your announcement 
If you’re wanting to surprise your parents, give them each a t-shirt with a creative message or image announcing your pregnancy. But instead of just handing over the t-shirts, wrap them up in a couple of layers of paper, so it will add to the anticipation of wanting to know what the gift is. When they finally un ravel the paper, it will for sure be worth the wait and they will also have a keepsake item that will always remind them of their grandchild.

If you do decide you want to do something fun and creative and you are wanting to share the moment with everyone, we would love to see what idea you came up with. If you’re thinking about having an early scan with us, check out our packages here.