firstPeek Earliest Gender Test 7 Weeks+

Only £199

  • Viability Scan

    Our Specialist Sonographers will conduct a viability scan including; confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy, check for single or multiple pregnancy, visualisation of heartbeat, assessment of ovaries and pelvic area & estimated dating of your pregnancy by measurements.

  • Early Gender Blood Test

    In addition to the viability scan we will conduct an early gender test by taking a blood sample from the expectant mother. Results will be returned within 7 days.

  • Early Pregnancy Obstetric Report

    You will also be provided with a copy of an early pregnancy obstetric report detailing your scan findings.

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15 Weeks+ Gender Scan

From Only £70

  • A Well-being Check + Report

    Our Specialist Sonographers start every scan with a fetal well-being check. They will confirm single or multiple pregnancy and check the baby/babies are growing normally. They will show baby’s position & placenta, confirm & visualise the heart, observe the abdominal contents & brain, as well as detect some abnormalities. You will receive a detailed report to take away.

  • 99.9% Accurate Early Gender

    We are extremely proud of 99.9% accuracy rate from as early as 15 weeks. During the scan our sonographer will take a peek between the legs to confirm baby boy or girl. However, if you want to keep the gender a secret, we can write it down for you. Just let the team know when you arrive.

  • Free 4D Peek

    To round off your scan, we'll give you a glimpse of your baby in a 4D view.

  • £10 Towards your Second Scan

    Exclusive voucher to use against your second appointment. Please note this voucher can only be used against a full priced package.

  • 6 x Photo-Quality Prints

    After your scan, you can choose 6 photo prints of your choice to take away. Our scan assistant will sit you and your family down in our print area to choose.

  • All Digital Images

    You'll be provided with a code, Input this into our free Avocado smartphone app and you'll have instant access to all your scan memories.

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You can bring up to 4 additional guests to your Gender Scan + Fetal Well-being. You can visit for your gender scan from 15-23 weeks. We ask our mums to arrive with a reasonably full bladder and ensure you're hydrated. This allows plenty of fluid around baby, helping with the overall quality of the gender scan. We recommend 1-2 glasses of water an hour before. Please bring your hospital notes from previous appointments in case our Sonographer needs to refer to them. You can read more about what to expect at your Gender Scan + Fetal Well-being experience here. Our team look forward to meeting you and your family! Please note: We have both male and female sonographers working at our clinic.
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