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Gender & 4D Baby Scans – Window to the Womb

Firstly, Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is certainly an exciting time for you and your family to experience a 4D baby scan.

We are privileged to be able to offer you an amazing and realistic first look at your baby with a unique Window to the Womb 4D Baby Scan (HD in some locations). We have been scanning babies for over 10 years and have already introduced over 25,000 babies to their parents!

All of our packages commence with a traditional 2D baby scan similar to scans that you will have at your hospital. This 2D baby scan will allow us to check the well-being of your baby and can be combined with an ultrasound 4D baby scan which will allow you to get up close and personal with your unborn baby in a way that you never thought possible. Thanks to the combination of our years of experience, our trained team and our amazing equipment, a Window to the Womb baby scan will allow you to enjoy a realistic first introduction to your baby, from a yawn to a stretch, all in their protected little world!

The Window to the Womb Experience

When you arrive in any of our studios you will be greeted with a warm and welcoming reception; you will have time to relax while we discuss the 2D and 4D baby scan process with you and your family (you can bring up to 5 of your family or friends with you):

1.The first part of any package is our 2D Take a Peek baby scan which is completed by one of our fully qualified and experienced sonographers. The primary purpose of this baby scan is to check all is well with your baby and takes place in traditional 2D (just like at the hospital), you will be issued with a small wellbeing report which (only if you want to know) can also tell you our professional opinion of the gender of your baby.

2. If you opt for one of our amazing 4D baby scan products as part of your package you can then lie back and experience what is sure to be a very precious and memorable occasion as we help you to celebrate your miracle of life by allowing you a peek into your unborn baby’s world. Advances in technology allow you to see your baby smile, suck their fingers (or toes!) Some of our packages include the ability to capture this unforgettable experience with a choice of memorabilia including prints, CDs & DVDs.


norwich 4d baby scan studio

Our Approaches and Beliefs

Quite simply we are committed to achieving the following:

- A unique and special family experience that allows parents and baby to be introduced to each other for the first time

- The safe and efficient use of 4D Baby Scan Ultrasound Imaging Technology provided by trained and qualified medical sonographers

High quality, efficient and compassionate care for our customers and their families

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