Mel & Ross- Our IVF Journey

IVF 4D scan

Our IVF Journey

Mine and my husbands IVF journey first started in August 2019 after trying for 4 years. Unfortunately this transfer had failed for us resulting in no pregnancy. It was a devastating time but we were lucky enough enough have 3 frozen embryos left.

February 2020 we were scheduled to start medication again ready for a Frozen embryo transfer in March, we were 1week and half away from our transfer date and because of COVID it all got cancelled. Who knew when we would be able to resume treatment.

But in the July I had a call saying treatment is resuming if I was happy to go ahead. I started my medication again in August ready for a transfer in September. So surreal this time around as I had to attend all appointments on my own.
On the 2nd September 2020 we had one of embryos transferred a whole year after our first transfer. I don’t know why but we felt much more relaxed this time and I had much more positive mindset, we agreed not to tell anyone not even family we were having treatment again I felt this gave us less pressure this time around.
13 days past our transfer & I couldn’t sleep that night, I was up at 6am and I did the test. Nerves coming all over us I jumped back into bed. Me & my husband went to check the test together, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing, first time in 5 years we finally had a positive pregnancy test “IM PREGNANT” we both burst out crying & just held each other. We were finally going to be parents. We of course had a long way to go but we were so excited.

As my husband wasn’t aloud to attend any NHS scans we booked a private one with WTTW 2 days before our NHS one.
They were amazing there, and we got to share that precious moment together of seeing our little babies heartbeat on the screen. We have since had 5 scans at WTTW and every time has been amazing. So grateful we were able to have those extra scans to check upon our precious baby

We are now 29 weeks pregnant with a little boy due in May 2021 and we are truly blessed. It took a lot of time to get where we are but we never gave up. Sometimes we still can’t quite believe that we are going to be parents after almost 5 years of trying.

To anyone going through this, it can be a hard journey but be strong and never give up. You are not alone.