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Bristol Baby Scan Clinic near Bedminster, servicing Bristol

Bristol Baby Scan Clinic


10 Winterstoke Road, Bristol, BS3 2NQ


0117 329 5900


Phone Hours

9:00am – 9:00pm (All Days)

  • Address

    10 Winterstoke Road, Bristol, BS3 2NQ

  • Phone

    0117 329 5900

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  • Phone Hours

    9:00am – 9:00pm (All Days

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Well-being Scan £55
Well-being + Gender Scan £59
Well-being + 4D Scans From £99

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Well-being + Gender Scan

Only £59
From 16-22 Weeks

Gender Scan

Well-being Checks
Gender Confirmation (99.9% Accurate)
4 6x4" Photo Prints
All Digital Images
FREE Sneak Peek of Baby in 4D

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Well-being + 4D Scans

From Only £99
From 24-34 Weeks

Well-being + 4D Scans

Well-being Checks
Gender Confirmation If Required
4D Scan
Photo Prints
All Digital Images
Movie (Certain Packages)

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Well-being Scan

From Only £55
From 16-40 Weeks

Well-being Scan

Well-being Checks Including:
Confirmation of Single/multiple Pregnancy
Heartbeat Visualisation
The Detection of Some Abnormalities
To Check That Baby is Growing Normally
Position of Baby & Placenta
Well-being Report for Mum to Keep

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Early Pregnancy Scan

From Only £79
From 6-15 Weeks

Early Scan

Viability Checks
Dating Using Measurements
Medical Report
Photo Print

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Welcome to our Bristol Baby Scan Clinic

Our ultrasound baby scan clinic is located in Bedminster, Bristol, and is easily accessible by car or public transport. Parson Road rail station is just a 3 minutes walk away and there are a variety of local bus services passing along Winterstoke Road. Window to the Womb in Bristol specialise in providing 99.9% accurate gender scans and amazing 4D baby scans in our comfortable ultrasound clinic. We are now delighted to be able to offer our unique ultrasound baby scanning services to mums-to-be and their families from North Somerset, Yate, Weston Super Mare, Yeovil, Thornbury, Bradley Stoke, Keynsham, Newport, Bridgwater, Chipping Sodbury, Taunton and Chippenham. At our Baby Scan Clinic in Bedminster you can now experience a Window to the Womb gender scan or 4D scan for yourself. We are the leading baby scan clinic in the area to offer expectant parents the opportunity to experience the very latest technology which will give you a truly amazing view into your baby’s protected world.

Our range of gender scans, 3D scans and 4D scans are designed to fit into the various stages of your pregnancy; our sexing scans start at just £59 and we can tell you the gender of your baby from 16 weeks, a full 4 weeks before your 20 week hospital scan! From 24 weeks mums can experience one of our 4D scan packages which start at just £99. Many of our ultrasound scan packages include digital videos and photos of baby.

All of our baby scan packages start with a well-being check of baby; our fully qualified & registered sonographers will check movement, heartbeat baby position and placental position.

Our Bristol baby scan clinic has loads of room for you to bring friends or family with you to share this wonderful experience. Jo and her team look forward to welcoming you, your family and of course your bump to our Bristol baby scan clinic and having the privilege of introducing you all to your baby.

Welcome to our Bristol Baby Scan Clinic

Bristol Baby Scan Studio


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More about the Clinic

The ladies at Window to the Womb Bristol baby scan clinic look forward to welcoming you into our scan clinic. We are all mummy’s ourselves and it is a privilege to share with you the experience of meeting your unborn child each day – we never get bored and share in the happiness, tears, love and laughter.
We love to welcome siblings in to the clinic and believe that there is no better way to introduce the pending arrival of a new baby brother or sister to the older children, than to let them see the baby in mummy’s tummy for themselves. We have a small children’s area to keep them entertained while you wait.


We have on-site parking and there is ample free parking in the streets around the clinic.

Local Facilities

There is a lovely café at the Red Point Climbing Centre just a 100 yards along from our clinic and just over the road is a really good car wash service, so you could even pop your car in for a valet while you visit for your scan! We are just along from a large Sainsbury’s on Winterstoke Road, which also has a lovely little cafe inside.

We offer a variety of items to buy in the clinic, including:

  • Heartbeat bears for £22.50
  • Gender reveal cards £1
  • Jellycat bunnies from £7.50
  • Frames from £5
  • Crystals
  • Gender reveal boxes.

We Use The GE Voluson 730 Scan Machine

The scanning equipment used by Window to the Womb Bristol is state-of-the-art scanning equipment in the GE Voluson 730 Expert. Ultrasound technology has been researched extensively in hundreds of clinical studies over the past 30 years and has not been shown to cause any harm to either mother or baby with routine scanning now a normal procedure in all pregnancies. In 3D/4D scanning, exactly the same type and intensity of ultrasound is used as with conventional 2D scanning. 3D and 4D ultrasound both utilise sound waves to look inside the body. A probe placed on the body emits sound waves into the body, listens for the return echo and generates an image. 4D ultrasound will be similar therefore to a conventional scan in terms of exposure. This is likely the same machine that the NHS will use in your 12 week dating and 20 week anomoly scans. When choosing a baby bonding clinic to book your scan with, we suggest that you request information on what equipment they have in clinic, as we believe that the heavy weight and fixed Voluson 730 offers a far superior quality of images than a mobile laptop and doppler, that is typically carried from one location to the next.

Our Scan Room Experience

To make sure that mum and up to 5 guests have the very best experience, Window to the Womb baby scan clinic in Bristol features 50″, 32″ & 24″ screens. This means that everybody can enjoy meeting baby in his/her protected little world.

CD/DVD Recording Equipment

The most amazing thing about a baby scan at Window to the Womb is the ability to take away images and videos of your scan to share with family and friends. At our Bristol baby scan clinic you can take away full colour photo prints, all digital images and a movie recording of your full baby scan (package dependent)

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