Well-being + 4D Scan (Picture Box) Gift Card


Scan Includes

Well-being scan & report
99%+ accurate gender confirmation
Full 4D Scan
4 medium full colour photo prints
All digital images
FREE* rescan guarantee

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(Previously just called Picture Box) Our Well-being + 4D Scan (Picture Box) package can be carried out from 24 to 34 weeks. This diagnostic scan allows us to carry out checks on baby’s development. We can also establish baby’s gender with 99.9% accuracy (only if you want us to) and let you meet baby in stunning 4D. See everything included below:

Well-being scan
Confirmation of single/multiple pregnancy
Heartbeat check & visualisation
The detection of some abnormalities
To check that baby is growing normally
Position of baby & placenta
Well-being report for mum to keep

+4D Scan Extras included
Optional gender confirmation
Full 4D scan so you can meet baby
Four full colour photo prints
Digital copies of all scan images
FREE* re-scan guarantee
Should you not want to find out the gender simply let us know of your scan day and we just won’t look.

Please note there is a £25 surcharge for multiple pregnancies due to the extra time required in the scan room.

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