New Years Resolutions a Pregnant Lady Will Want To Keep

Pregnant Ladies 2017 Resolutions

Some Resolutions For You Ladies In 2017

Can You Keep Them?

  • I will not Google every single pregnancy symptom – Obviously, we would never suggest you let a major symptom go unchecked, but do you REALLY need to investigate the cause of that random chin hair that sprouted? Probably not! All those internet searches will do is lead you down a path of paranoia and worry – which is not something you need in 2017!

  • I will pamper myself – Whether it’s checking yourself into a spa for a luxurious prenatal massage, splurging n a blowout before date night or even just throwing on a facemask and spending a few hours lounging in a bathrobe, you deserve some pampering. Rather than it being a one-time thing, make it something more regular!

  • I will walk X miles a week – As much as we believe you need to treat yourself during pregnancy, a big part of self-love involves keeping your body as healthy as possible. You know how important it is to exercise regularly during pregnancy, and walking is a great way to gain those health benefits without killing yourself at the gym.

  • I will treat myself to something nice – You’ll spend most of your pregnancy buying goodies for your baby – but take atleast one opportunity to get yourself something special too! You can treat yourself to a bump-flattering dress, a cosy pair of pajamas or some fab maternity jeans… all it needs to be is something that is just for you.

  • I will try a fun, new exercise class – Don’t be a slave to the treadmill; step into a fun, trendy class (make sure it’s acceptable with your GP first, please) and remind yourself that staying healthy can be enjoyable.

  • I will not pressure myself to lose the baby weight right away -This one pretty much explains itself. Don’t push yourself to lose the baby weight. As long as you’re taking care of yourself by trying to eat healthier, get active and get as much rest as possible, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing.