Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms, Missed Period, Tiredness, Swollen Breasts

Mood Swings

Early pregnancy signs can differ from woman to woman. Every woman is different, some do not experience any early pregnancy symptoms whereas some do.

Implantation Bleeding and Cramping

After conception, the fertilised egg will attach itself to the uterus wall. Some women might experience a bleed similar to a light period, spotting or a little blood loss. This is known as implantation bleeding and can also be followed by cramps similar to menstrual pain.

You might go from happy to upset or vice versa without knowing why, this is because in the early stages of pregnancy the change in your hormones can cause mood swings.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Whilst feeling nauseous and being sick is a common early pregnancy symptom, some women experience severe, constant vomiting. This could be where you are being sick many times of the day and struggling to keep any food or fluids down. This is known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) and it can impact your daily life. Excessive vomiting from HG can lead to dehydration and lack of nutrients therefore it is important you speak to your local GP or Midwife.

Bloating and/or Constipation

Bloating is a common early pregnancy symptom; it is similar to when you are on your menstrual period. This may be due to hormonal changes which cause your digestive tract to slow down. As your digestive system slows this can also cause constipation as a result. Constipation can also increase abdominal bloating.

Frequent Urination

The need to pass urine more often is due to your womb expanding and pressing your bladder. The hormone progesterone also increases the frequency of needing to urinate.

Please note, If you have any concerns about any unusual or excessive symptoms then please discuss these with your GP or early pregnancy unit.

If you are in the early stages of pregnancy we’re able to offer you reassurance with our all inclusive early scan packages from just 6 weeks gestation or two weeks following a positive pregnancy test result.

Missed Period

The first sign of early pregnancy is a missed period. If you have missed your period and think you may be pregnant, we would advise for you to take a pregnancy test.

Changes in your Breasts

Your breasts may become more swollen, fuller, enlarged or tender to the touch. The veins may become more visible and your nipples may become darker and more prominent.


Due to the hormone changes within your body, you may feel very tired and fatigued within the early stages of pregnancy. This is thought to be due to increased levels of progesterone which maintains the lining of your womb to support pregnancy.


Food Aversions/Sensitivity to Smells

You may find a loss of interest in certain foods that you have always enjoyed. Some ladies also report a metallic taste in their mouth too in the early stages of pregnancy. Additionally, food cravings are common, whilst you might turn away foods you’ve always eaten, you might find yourself having cravings for food you may not have necessarily liked before. Again, this is chalked up to hormonal changes, especially within the first trimester when those changes are the most significant.

Feeling Nauseous or Being Sick

Sickness or nausea in pregnancy is common, it is reported that 8 out of every 10 pregnant women suffer from either nausea or sickness within the early stages of pregnancy.