Well-being + Gender Scan

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Wellbeing + Gender Baby Scan


Scan Includes

  • Well-being scan & report
  • 99%+ accurate gender confirmation
  • FREE peek in 4D
  • Four photo prints
  • Digital copies of all scan images
  • FREE* rescan guarantee

Please note the primary aim of this scan is to check all is well with baby. We then complete gender confirmation with 99.9% accuracy. If you just want a well-being scan, this is available separately here…Well-being Scan. *If we are unable to confirm gender you will be offered a FREE rescan. No rescan can be offered if we cannot obtain 4D images as this is a free ‘sneak peak’.

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What is a Well-being + Gender scan?

(Previously called Sneak a Peek) Our Well-being + Gender scan package can be carried out from as early as 16 weeks. This diagnostic scan allows us to carry out checks on baby’s development. We can also establish baby’s gender with 99.9% accuracy. See everything included below:

  • Well-being scan
    • Confirmation of single/multiple pregnancy
    • Heartbeat check & visualisation
    • The detection of some abnormalities
    • To check that baby is growing normally
    • Position of baby & placenta
    • Well-being report for mum to keep
    • (If you do not require the extra services below, you can choose our Well-being scan)

  • Extras included
    • 99.9%* accurate gender confirmation
    • FREE** peek in 4D
    • Four photo prints
    • Digital copies of all scan images
    • FREE** re-scan guarantee
    • Should you not want to find out the gender simply let us know of your scan day and we just won’t look.

Please note their is a £25 surcharge for multiple pregnancies due to the extra time required in the scan room.

What do I need to do before my Well-being + Gender scan?

  • To allow us to get the best possible images of baby, please aim to come to your appointment with a full bladder
  • Please drink 2 extra glasses of water every day starting the week before your scan this will help to keep you well hydrated
  • Try to find half an hour a day to relax gently stroke and massage your bump get dad to join in, pop on some soothing music
  • On day of your scan have a meal around 2 hours before you arrive with us
  • 10-20mins before your scan have some cold water, this will hopefully help to get baby moving
  • Please arrive 15 mins early and have a walk around just to try and get baby to wake up
  • Please note we can allow extra guests in the scan room, please check with your local studio for numbers before your scan day
  • Please bring along your hospital notes in case your sonographer needs to refer to them during your scan.

More info

Rescan Guarantee
The aim of this scan is to provide diagnostic results captured in a fetal well-being report followed by gender confirmation. **Our Well-being + Gender scan includes a re-scan policy if we are unable to confirm the gender of your baby. Please note we can only gender from 16 weeks and if you are less than this at the time of your scan we will be unable to confirm gender or offer a re-scan. Re-scans cannot be offered if we are unable to obtain good 4D images as this is a free part of the scan and not part of the main package. If your sonographer identifies anything out of the normal this will be explained to you along with guidance and support in obtaining ongoing care through an NHS pathway. *99.9% accuracy is based on over 20,000 scans and is frequently checked across all of our clinics to ensure consistency.
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  • BMUS ALARA Window to the Womb
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  • NHS Window to the Womb