Coping With Labour

Window to the Womb Coping With Labour

There’s no getting away from the fact that labour can hurt, but the levels of pain experienced can vary greatly. Here, we look at both natural and medical pain relief methods and explain how they work. We start with medical pain relief and move onto natural. While natural therapies can help women to feel calm and more relaxed in labour … Read More

Enjoying Your Bump

Window to the Womb Having a Happy Pregnancy

Keep a Pregnancy Photo Diary Creating a photobook of your pregnancy will build a special keepsake for you and your partner, and in years to come, your child will love looking through it too. It will remind you of how you changed throughout your pregnancy and the special moments you shared, helping you create a bond with your bump. As … Read More

Eat Away Your Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Window to the Womb Eat Away Your Pregnancy Aches & Pains

But, when you’re growing a baby, the various aches and pains you experience can mean eating is the last thing that you want to think about. However, here are some fix-it foods containing nutrients that are the perfect home remedies for all your ailments! One you might not feel comfortable talking about on those mummy Facebook forums, constipation is a … Read More

10 Things You’ll Miss About Being Pregnant (No, Really!)

Window to the Womb Things You Will About Being Pregnant

Sick of swollen ankles and bored of backache? Pining for your waistline and wine o’clock? Pregnancy may have its challenges but enjoy the journey because you’ll probably find there are lots of little things you’ll miss about it after baby arrives. Like doughnuts for breakfast and afternoon naps. And also these… Glossy Hair & Glowing Skin Yep, it’s not a … Read More

Can Old Wives’ Tales Predict a Boy or Girl?

Window to the Womb Boy Or Girl

There are lots of old wives’ tales out there about whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl. While none of them have been proven (or are medically accurate), they’re fun to read. And you never know, they may turn out to be right! Low heartbeat Some people believe that if your baby has a fast heart rate, … Read More

18 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Woman

Window to the Womb 18 Things Not To Say To a Pregnant Woman

“Is this going to be your last?” Such a personal question and also when you’re pregnant it’s hard to even start to think about future pregnancies. “Hopefully you’ll get a little girl this time.” This one has the assumption that if you had a boy you would be disappointed. It’s really not a helpful thing to say. “Can I touch … Read More

Why My Baby Bump Isn’t a…

Window to the Womb Why My Baby Bump Isn't a

A stress ball Please do not try to run away your stresses on my bubba. Hands off! A matter of debate “It’s very low/high/small/big.” No, it’s not. It’s MY bump and as unique as the baby growing inside it. A crystal ball No, you cannot tell whether it is a boy or girl or whether it will score the winning … Read More

15 of the Weirdest Pregnancy Myths

Window to the Womb Pregnancy Myths

First babies are always late “Ah – it’s your first baby – it’s bound to arrive late.”Is it? There’s no evidence to back this up. Babies arrive when they are ready. For every mum who tells you their first baby arrived late, you’ll find another whose baby arrived early or on their due date. Heartburn is a sign of a … Read More