Leeds 10k Charity Run For Bliss

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Meet Aimi Lockwood, 25, our amazing Marketing Manager who works closely with our Window to the Womb Clinics across the UK. Aimi leads our wonderful team that work tirelessly everyday to connect mums with our private ultrasound services. Aimi has recently decided to run the Leeds 10km in July 2017 and has hand picked the charity she wants to raise … Read More

14 Facts About Newborns

Window to the Womb 14 Facts About Newborns

Babies are born with 300 bones and don’t have kneecaps. Adults only have 206 bones. A baby’s brain will be 60% of its adult size by the time they reach their first birthday. Natal teeth (teeth present at time of birth) appear in one out of two thousand births. The inner ear is the only organ to develop fully before … Read More

10 Things to Do Before Birth

Window to the Womb 10 Things to Do Before Birth

We have listed 10 things you could do before your baby arrives: Sleep: Use this time to try and sleep as much as you can; it can be hard trying to get a decent night’s sleep, especially when you’re needing to go to the bathroom every so often. But, use this time to sleep, nap and rest as much as … Read More

How to Keep Your Baby Safe During Hot Weather

Window to the Womb Keeping Your Baby Safe in the Heat

Babies and young children can become ill during hot weather; their health can be affected by dehydration, sunburn and heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Try these tips to keep your child happy and healthy in the heat: Babies less than 6 months old should be kept out of direct sunlight. Older infants should also be kept out of the sun as … Read More

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Window to the Womb Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks are caused by your ski stretching as you put on weight during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones also soften the fibres in your skin, making stretch marks more likely. Most pregnant women get stretch marks. Stretch marks usually appear as pink, red or purple-tinged lines on your tummy, bottom, thighs and breasts. You may think you’ve escaped developing any stretch … Read More

Why Has My Hair Changed During Pregnancy?

Window to the Womb Your Hair During Pregnancy

Every single one of us will experience hair changes, regardless whether we’re pregnant or not pregnant. We all have experienced hair falling out and hair texture changing due to treatments we put our hair through. As humans, we all put our hair through a hard time but we do it all in the name of vanity. However, if you are … Read More

Your Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

Window to the Womb High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

At every antenatal appointment that you have, your midwife will check your blood pressure. It’s an important part of looking after you and your baby during pregnancy as your blood pressure needs to remain at a healthy level. Your blood pressure is likely to change a little during pregnancy, that’s completely normal. During your first and second trimester, your blood … Read More

The Old Wives Tale for Predicting Gender

In the 21st century we obviously have the technology to know what gender our baby will be. But 500 years back, the old wise ladies/gents of the world thought they knew if baby was boy or girl. Lords and Kings often went to these people to predict whether they were having sons…only to face disapointment because 50% of the time … Read More

Going on Holiday With a Baby

Window to the Womb Going On Holiday With Your Baby

It is understandable that some new parents may feel like they might be restricted to go abroad with a baby and it can seem quite daunting. But, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go on holiday after you’ve had a baby – after all you deserve a break! It might seem like it will be hard work taking a … Read More

Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

Window to the Womb Pre-eclampsia in Pregnancy

The cause for pre-eclampsia is thought to be when the placenta isn’t working properly. If you don’t receive the treatment that you need, it can make you and your baby quite ill. Pre-eclampsia reduces the flow of the blood through the placenta, resulting in your baby not getting enough oxygen and nutrients, which can restrict their growth. Pre-eclampsia usually happens … Read More