Common Health Problems in Pregnancy

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Common Health Problems in Pregnancy Throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy your body goes through some significant changes. Sometimes these changes can cause worry or discomfort. Below we will list some of the common health concerns many pregnant ladies face. Changes in Your Skin You may find that hormones will cause changes in your skin during pregnancy. This isn’t solely … Read More

Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

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Most Popular Baby Names of 2020 We’re only half way through 2020 however website Nameberry have released the most popular baby names of the year to date. Whether you’re looking for baby name inspiration or if you’re curious just to see what this years trends are, there are some truly beautiful names to choose from. As you might have guessed, … Read More

Your 24 Hour Midwife

Instant midwife 24 hour service

BRAND NEW service launches this International Midwife Day (Tuesday 5th May 2020)At Window to the Womb and firstScan we understand how important and unique ever pregnancy journey is. Every Mum and expectant Mum has questions and at Window to the Womb and firstScan we understand that many ladies will be looking for somewhere to go to get medically accurate answers … Read More

Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Isolation

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Taking Care of Your Mental Health During IsolationAre you pregnant, trying to conceive, or even looking after little ones during this isolation period? We wanted to offer some support for all parents & parents to be during this time. We have put together some tips for looking after your mental health while in isolation. Tips For Taking Care Of Your … Read More

Home-Schooling Tips and Advice During Isolation


Home-Schooling Tips & Advice During IsolationDuring this time, we wanted to offer some support to help parents through this isolation period. Now the little ones are home, many of us are looking for ways to keep them busy and engaged in learning. Schools will be sending out work for your little ones to work through, but there are also great … Read More

Implantation Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

Implantation Bleeding In Early Pregnancy

Implantation Bleeding In Early PregnancyDuring the early stages of pregnancy and when trying for a baby, many women are on high alert for any changes happening to their body. So, when light bleeding occurs, many women tend to worry. However, light bleeding in early pregnancy is common and could be implantation bleeding. What is implantation bleeding?Implantation bleeding is light vaginal … Read More

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Early Pregnancy SymptomsMood Swings Early pregnancy signs can differ from woman to woman. Every woman is different, some do not experience any early pregnancy symptoms whereas some do. Implantation Bleeding and Cramping After conception, the fertilised egg will attach itself to the uterus wall. Some women might experience a bleed similar to a light period, spotting or a little blood … Read More

Our Fetal Health Scan Explained

Early Scans (firstScan at Window to the Womb)

Our Fetal Health Scan Explained Are you visiting our clinic for an Fetal Health Scan? Here we answer common questions that we’re asked, so you can be well informed about what to expect at your appointment. What’s included in our Fetal Health Scan? The primary purpose of all our packages and our Fetal Health Scan, is the well-being of mum … Read More


Coronavirus (COVID-19) We are aware that the recent announcement have left the pregnant population very confused about what is the right next steps. Hopefully, we can help to explain what the government have advised along with up-to-date guidance from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and the NHS to help you. Window to the Womb is a private … Read More

We Welcome Marnie Simpson & Casey Johnson for a 4D + Well-being Scan

Window to the Womb Watford opened their doors to former Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson and her partner Casey Johnson (former X-Factor & Ex-on-the-Beach star). Marnie revealed her pregnancy earlier this year, with the baby due in October. The stars recently announced that they are expecting a baby boy, hosting a gender reveal party in London. We invited Marnie & … Read More