6 Easter Themed Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Do you know whether you’re expecting this Easter?

We’ve put together a list of creative pregnancy announcement ideas for Easter that are sure to surprise your relatives and friends.

Personalised T – shirts

This is a fun and easy way to subtly announce your pregnancy to relatives and friends.

Egg hunt

Make an egg hunt like no other, with the end prize being an announcement of your exciting news.

An egg hunt is a perfect way to get all the family involved! (pexels)

Egg box

Give your loved ones a unique gift by giving them Easter eggs with a special message inside.

This is a unique way to announce your pregnancy (pintrest)

Handmade gift

Why not get creative and design a handcrafted gift for your friends and family that includes your announcement?

A personalised gift can be an easy but meaningful way to announce your pregnancy (image – Just Simply Mum)

Photo announcement

You can never go wrong with this timeless idea; you can be as creative as you want by holding a sign or a sign in the air.

Scratch cards

When your family receives this gift, they will be puzzled; nevertheless, once they discover the message, they will be delighted.